The Micro/Nano Fabrication Center at the University of Arizona

Donation Wish List

We gratefully accept your tax deductible donation of equipment and material! Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding donation opportunities that will help our students and our researchers!

Below is a partial list of our needs:

  • Laboratory deep reactive ion etch systems
  • Sputter deposition systems
  • Laboratory plasma enhanced CVD systems
  • Scanning electron microscopes (SEM)
  • Metrology (Profilometers, 4pt probes, thin film thickness measurement, stress measurement systems, etc.)
  • Spin rinse dryers
  • Small chemical processing sinks
  • Stand alone chillers and heat exchangers
  • Deep UV photoresist cure systems
  • Microscopes
  • Photoresists and developers
  • Vacuum and gas line fittings, valves, and components
  • Facilities Consumable Items (unistrut, hardware)
  • Clean room supplies
  • Wafers, cassettes


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